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Monday, May 30, 2011

Republicans Voting No - Why This Budget is a Fraud

Dear Take Back Texas Alliance Members and Supporters:  

Here is a story in the Texas Tribune that is worth reading.  The Rs and Ds who crossed party lines were asked to explain their positions.  Of particular interest are the comments made by 4 of the 5 Republicans who voted against the budget, such as the $500M in special interest money contained in it and the accounting gimmicks which will cause Medicaid to run out of money in February 2013 (David Simpson of Longview), Will Hartnett (Dallas), who lamented the lack of Rainy Day spending, observing that most of it will be spent anyway, and Raul Torres (Corpus Christi), stating that the accounting gimmicks are probably unconstitutional and will simply create a monstrous problem for the next Legislature to address. 

In closing, let's give three cheers for Senator Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, whose filibuster caused the death of SB 1811, the school finance bill that was brought to a vote for the first time in either body after having little more than a day to read it.  By the way, this bill had a rider attached to it that would allow the DPS to deny anyone a driver's license without even having to give a reason.  It's such a great thing to know that the Republicans believe in due process and individual liberty!


Tom Archer

President – Take Back Texas Alliance


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